Dilapidation Services

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant you may be affected by dilapidation issues when terminating a lease or even in the middle of a lease term.

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Without careful consideration from the beginning of the lease, dilapidation obligations may prove to be a significant and unwelcome cost for the tenant at the end of their lease period.

At 3D Facilities Support Ltd we are able to offer a wide range of dilapidation services to both landlords and tenants, this will include

  • preparing dilapidation schedules during the lease term
  • preparing dilapidation schedules at termination
  • carrying out pre-dilapidation assessments to help you with your financial forecasting or to assist you when negotiating a lease.
To find out more about our dilapidation services why not call us today on 0121 321 2244 to discuss your requirements in more detail.


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